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What does community mean in 2021 and beyond?

2020 was rough - but our team likes to think of the world’s pause as something of a cocoon. When we emerge on the other side, how will we bring intention into our lives?
Will we further appreciate the little moments of community that we once took for granted?  Will we live with a greater emphasis around health?

Our answers to these questions revolve around LOVE tokens

- your digital password to a community of conscious, health-minded individuals that care about empowerment and personal development.


Useful and Exciting

You may have heard of the term “tokenization” before. If not, no worries.   In short, we have created digital tokens which can be stored in a digital wallet that hold exclusive benefits:
Self-love and women empowerment community discussions
25% off any juice-subscription service
Exclusive access to I Love Me reiki & sound bath sessions 
Discounted pricing on all I Love Me products company wide
Exclusive social events for LOVE Token Holders
Before-market access to all new juice recipes or menu additions via email

Become a part of our community

As I Love Me grows our mission-driven network, these benefits will continue to expand. LOVE tokens are a blockchain representation of your presence in the I Love Me community. They’re an innovative way to thank you for your support - rewards for helping our company and for believing in the power of our mission.

How does it work?

LOVE tokens distribute through a decentralized smart contract so anyone interested can become a part of the community. Simply make a contribution via I Fund Women or check out our website. We’ll help you set up a digital wallet to store the LOVE tokens. It’s easy, fun, and a future forward way to participate in a community that cares. 

Join Us

We know we can’t do it alone, so together we know we can help shape the healthy, holistic lifestyles we wish to see in all the communities around us.